Working Holidays Permit Guide

#1: The Social Insurance Number

Hello the team,

I hope you are doing well. Two weeks already that I have arrived in Canada and I already have so much to tell. Today I will tell you about the less fun part when you move to a new country, but mandatory: “The paperwork”. Let’s start with the sin.

1. What is the sin?

The Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a 9-digit number to be requested upon arrival in Canada. Like the NIN in England or the Social Security number in France, employers always ask for it. Having a PVT, we are qualified as temporary residents, so our sin starts with the number 9.

2. When to ask for the sin?

It is very important to do so as soon as we arrive in Canada.

3. Where to ask for the sin?

The NAS application is in a Service Canada center. There are so many centers in Canada. And the demand is very fast, you fill out documents at the Service Canada Centre, and you are printed your sin on the spot. To find your service office in Canada, simply go to the Service Canada site and enter your postal code. PS: Some friends “Pvtistes” were able to ask for the NAS at the immigration agency of the airport.

4. What is this number for?

As I said, the sin is used to be reported by the employer. It will also serve you when you open a bank account or subscribe to the phone subscription. In fact, you will often be asked for “government-issued identification”. It is in fact what they call: “Canadian government identity Numbers”. In this case, you present the number of your work permit and the sin.

5. What documents to provide to obtain the sin?

Just the form and your Passport stapled work permit will suffice. I was afraid that someone would ask me for a proof of address, not at all. You can even communicate the address of a hotel.

Sandra L


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