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#3: The phone plan in Canada

Hello team,

My favorite topic: the telephone. If you know me, you should know that I’m addicted to the phone. So I had to choose a package adapted to my excessive use. LOL

I was so surprised when I saw the phone plan and this even by providing my own phone. I had no choice because having a Canadian number became indispensable especially in my job search.

What you need to know to choose your package:

-Canada is a federal country, you can have packages to call only in one state
-Incoming calls are paid, make sure they are included in your package-mail May be limited to a number of voice messages personally, I hesitated between Fido (Photo 1) and Koodo (Photo 2):

Source: and

Finally, I opted for the Fido 3GB package because I was “referred” by my sister who is already at Fido. So we won $35 each on our 3rd bill. So I pay $65 tax-free. Not forgetting the possible $5 by 100 MB if I exceed my 3gb of Internet data. You will have understood you have to paid everything here even the number display. LOL Welcome to Canada !

Sandra L


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