5 Tips for Living Your Self Isolation

Hello friends, 

I hope you are doing well despite this pandemic.

I have long been hesitant to write an article about all of Canada’s programs in response to Covid-19, but to be honest with you, the information changes every day.

So I advise you to follow the site regularly for the latest updates.

I must admit that I am a very dynamic and active person, my first week at home was very difficult. I was a ball of nerves, very tense. I stayed in my pajamas all day while working from home.

Then I decided to take control of myself. Since we do not know how long this crisis will last. It is better to be organized.

So I share my 5 tips for living the containment well.

  1. Stay active

Staying active means getting up at your usual times. In my case I get up at 7 am , shower, eat breakfast, and I settle down by 8:30 am in front of my computer to work.

I put music on to avoid any distraction. I even set up an office area to be in real working environment.


2. Workout

If you’ve been following me for a long time you certainly know that I’m a sports addict. I would wake up every morning at 5 am to go the gym, but hey the gym is closed, I had to find another solution.

There are a lot of sports videos on social media, or on YouTube. No excuses.

After my day’s work, I get dressed and head to Instagram for the live coach B-trainer.

It’s my favorite moment because I can work out and think about other things.

3. Learning new things

My resolution is to get out of this containment and learn something new.

I just learned how to do my hair alone (I used to run to my hairdresser to do my braids).

I also tested new recipes like pastries. To tell you the truth, I’m having fun.

4. Read

Before the confinement I wanted to get into reading but I never found the time to actually do it.

This is clearly an opportunity to take one or two hours away screens (computers, phones) and read a newspaper or a novel.

The fnac offers free Ebooks so get started.

5. Catching up with our loved ones 

Finally because we are all home, it’s the best time to share love and catch up with our loved ones despite of timezone for some families.

I’m sending you good vibes. Take care of yourself and stay home!

Sandra L



  1. Merci pour ces tips Sandra !! Le plus dur pour c’est de rester active pour moi 😅 grosse galere mais je vais me remotiver après cet article

    1. Merci ma chérie 🖐🏽yeah on se motive 💪🏽

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