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5 tips to know before move to Toronto

Hello the team, I’m finally back…………. And with a new site, more simple. I hope you like it. Do not hesitate to give me your opinions in comment. Redoing My site brought me almost four months back, my arrival in Canada. Here….

The five things that surprised me in Toronto:

  • Transport

If you pay your bus ticket, tram or metro in cash, you have to bring the amount no more no less. I remember the first day, I went on the bus tending my $10 ticket, and the driver kindly told me that he didn’t return the change. Luckily I had the famous $3.25 to put in the small coin box.

Don’t panic, you can buy tokens at the counters. The tokens are the small pieces as shown in the following photo, which replaces the famous $3.25 (3 tokens make you $9 you win so $0.25).

Remember to keep the receipt that the driver will give you. This little piece of paper is actually the proof of payment. This receipt is not valid to return in the opposite direction or to resume your journey after a prolonged shutdown.

Another difference with France is, to get off the bus or tram, it is necessary to signal the desired stop by pulling on the cable for this purpose. It’s pretty funny;)

  •  Give the address by the intersection

In France, when you are asked for your address, you give the street number and name directly. Here the streets are so long that giving the street number does not necessarily help. So they have the habit of giving the addresses by intersection by saying: “Appointment at the corner of Bathurst and King Street”.

  • The tips

I must say that I had forgotten this “obligation of tips” in restaurants, taxi etc…. And yet I knew it since I had already come to Montreal before. In the beginning, you don’t necessarily think about it after it becomes a reflex especially when you know that they perceive a fairly low remuneration and that it is therefore supplemented by tips. I think it’s okay to play the game and give the tips based on the satisfaction of the service received.

  • The washroom

Oh, my God, the washroom! No comment . . . . . . You have to see it to believe it. I don’t understand this principle of leaving spaces between toilet doors LOL.

  • The weather

The weather in Toronto is “crazy.” You can have a big rain, then a beautiful sun in the space of 5 min. Basically, if you do not like the weather wait 5 minutes it will pass.

Sandra L


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