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An unforgettable weekend : the thousand islands

Hello guys,

Hope you’re doing well! Today we are talking about the great weekend, we had my friends and I had at the Thousand Islands.

  • Why the 1000 Islands?

Since I moved to Canada, I have visited mostly big cities like New York, Chicago, Washington, Dallas, etc… and was looking for some nature far away from the city. That’s why we decided to spend our Thanksgiving long weekend at the 1000 islands.

This archipelago of islands is located about 3 hours from Toronto and is actually composed of more than 1800 islands. So I asked myself this question:

Why do we call it “1000 islands” when there are actually more than 1000? I am still looking for the answer lol.

  • The housing

We booked our accommodation via AIRBNB website. To be honest, when we made the reservation, we thought about sleeping in Gananoque near the city. In reality, the address displayed on the website was the ferry’s address.

Can you imagine, our surprise when we were told by the owner that the accommodation was not at the given coordinates and that we would have to take the ferry? We were so happy and we enjoyed this weekend 100%.

So we discussed around regarding the heater, played some games. The best moment for me was to wake up with the sounds of the birds, and the sound of water. 

  • Visit Gananoque

Then, we went to Gananoque downtown. It’s a very nice and cozy town. I think it must be nice in the summer.

  • The main activity: the boat tour

The activity we’ve been waiting for, the boat tour.  This is the best way to admire the archipelago of the American islands as Canadian. We have booked via the Gananoque Boat Line which offers 3 types of visits: a visit of 1 hour (too short for us), 5 hours (too long for us), 2:30 the one we have chosen.

Be careful, if you choose the 5-hours one, do not forget your passport as you will make a stopover on an American island. Let enjoy the view now…..

Please see below the castle of Boldt pictures.

For the record, the construction of this castle was undertaken by the Boldt spouses, before being halted after the death of Mrs. Boldt. After being neglected for 73 years, the construction resumed thanks to the administration of the 1000 islands that restored the castle with a fundraising.

Tip: If you go there at this time of the year like us, it’s super cold and windy on the boat. But no worries, the boat is spacious and warm inside.

The last half hour of the ride, I laid my laptop and my camera and I simply took advantage of the scenery and the beauty of nature. This allowed me to take a time of self-reflection, thinking, dreaming…

If you had also the opportunity to visit the 1000 Islands or similar places, do not hesitate to share your experience with us.


Sandra L


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