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Back to natural hair – my big chop

As I said, London has changed me on a lot of points.I decided to change the cut and go back to natural hair, finished the relaxations, finished the chemicals… Back to Natural.

Why did I choose to do my big chop? 

I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Moreover, in London, I saw beautiful women with beautiful natural hair and I wanted to get started and especially to change my hairstyle. A new Sandra. I was not afraid to do it in London, because I knew that no one would judge me if the shortcut did not fit me well. This is how on June 21, 2016, I decided to cut my hair. The Shock! No one expected it, not my family, not my friends. I had all the opinions, negative as positive. Personally, I was not concerned with negative opinions since I was satisfied. Let me show you my routine:

  1. How do I wash my hair? 

My hair is very dry so I avoid washing them every day. So I alternate between shampoo and co-wash. The term co-wash is a contraction of “wash conditioner”: “Washing after shampoo”. This method consists of using only the after shampoo for optimum care and better definition of the loops. The most important thing is to rinse the hair well because the shampoo is mild. So I use a cider vinegar rinse. (See step 5).

Step 1: Pre-Poo: before Shampoo

It is very important because it prepares for shampoo. Often aggressive shampoos can dry out hair hence the importance of doing a care before shampooing. The choice of oil depends on your hair. For my part, I use coconut oil for a moisturizing and anti-breakage effect. I let it stand for 2 hours maximum because I do not see a big difference when I leave to lay all night.

Step 2: Shampoo

I use shampoo silicone free, sulfate-free, paraben free. I really like Shea Moisture shampoo with yucca and plantain. It leaves the hair soft and especially thick. I alternate with the Rhassoul once a month. This clay acts as a mild shampoo and cleans impurities and fats. I buy it to powder and add warm water and a vegetable oil of my choice (you will have understood I like coconut oil) until you get a homogeneous dough, preferably liquid and I use it as shampoo.

Step 3: The conditioner

In the following shampoo, I use the same game as the above shampoo: “Shea Moisture Yucca and Plantain”. Or one after a shampoo that I like very much: “Secrets of Loly Pink Paradise” based on aloe vera, sweet almond oils, and Jojoba. This conditioner is enriched in Pro Vitamin B5. It smells super good and leaves the hair soft. also suitable for cowash.

Step 4: The Mask

It is a deep care that I do one to two times a month in addition to the after shampoo. It will have a deep moisturizing effect for damaged hair. I use either the Shea Moisture treatment “mask purification” based on tea tree which has an anti-dandruff effect. Or the moisturizing mask of Loly’s secrets: “Repair Time”.

 Step 5: water + cider vinegar

The cider vinegar will have an effect on the limestone of the water. I dilute 3 tablespoons of organic cider vinegar in a liter of cold water. Don’t worry, your hair won’t smell like vinegar.

Step 6: Leave in

I took a long time to find the after shampoo without rinsing that suited my hair. Today I’m a fan of the “Knot today of Kinky Curly” a real marvel. I apply on my hair, a small amount and the rest of the time I put it in my water spray. It’s over, then I start my “Wash and go” to activate my curl. 2.  “My wash and go” to activate my curls. I had a lot of questions about my curls. So I’ll explain how I define my loops:

Step 7:

I separate my hair by section.

Step 8:

I apply an activator of loops either the boost curl of the “Secrets of Loly” or the curl smoothie of “Shea Moisture” section by section with the Denman brush. This brush is magic and allows a smooth untangling.

Step 9:

Then always section by section, I apply “Eco Styler” gel with argan oil. Here we go !

11 months after my big chop

How do I maintain my curls?

My night routine: Before I go to bed, I make small duvets and tie my hair with a satin scarf to prevent the hair from breaking.

My daily routine:

1. Moisturizing my hair every morning. Here is the composition of my water spray:

-1cuillère of the vegetable glycerine (moisturizing agent)
-mineral water (because of the limestone of the water)
-1 spoon of leave in conditioner (for my part, I put the “knot today”) I prepare in very small quantity ( For a maximum of one week) and especially I wash my vaporizer regularly.

2. I seal the hydration with oil you can choose the oil of your choice. For my part I use shea butter, the best ally of frizzy hair because it is rich in vitamin A, E and essential fatty acids.

Usulally i can keep my wash go around a week, until the next shampoo.

Sandra L


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