Christmas in CANADA


Hello everyone, I’m so happy to be back.

Sorry for the absence, I’m working on several projects that are taking me a longtime.

I cannot wait to tell you about it.

In the meantime, it’s Christmas and I’m talking today about 5 Canadian Christmas traditions that I tried and that I really liked.

  1. The Christmas Parade

It is a tradition of nearly 100 years in Toronto, indeed the first Santa Claus parade took place in 1905. It usually takes place around mid-November. 

Different brands and companies precede Santa Claus on their enchanted floats to the delight of children. 

During this time adults can enjoy the gifts, gadgets, offered by the brands present.

You need to be prepared for the Santa Claus Parade . Some people even bring back chairs and blankets to be comfortably set up and watch the parade. 

Attention the parade is very long, about 5 km of road, so be prepared and wear warm clothes because it’s usually cold.

Here’s Santa’s official route this year, shared on the Instagram of “Tosantaparade.”

2. Candy canes

If you live in Canada, you must have seen cane-shaped barley sugar candy. I thought the Christmas canes symbolized Santa’s cane, but apparently not.

They said it originated from the US United States. One confectioner from Indiana created it, to represent the birth of Jesus. According to legend, the Christmas cane would represent several symbols:

  • The hard candy to symbolize that Jesus is the rock
  • The white color for purity, adorned with red stripe for flogging and the blood of Jesus
  • The “J” as the first letter of “Jesus”

One thing is for sure, this candy is a strong symbol of Christmas in the United States and Canada.

3. Christmas cards

We are in an era dominates by virtuality.

I’m very happy to see that the Christmas card tradition continues here.

Canadians love postcards for events like Christmas, birthday etc.

I must admit I started enjoying it.

4. Decorating gingerbread

Imagine my surprise, when I was told about the gingerbread decorating activity at work.

It was nice that we each chose a gingerbread and then we decorated with Christmas food theme.

A true return to childhood. 

  5. Boxing Day 

Finally, because we are in a consumer society, the day after Christmas is called boxing day.

It’s another holiday when you get better deals compared to black friday in my experience.

If you too, have Christmas traditions, don’t hesitate to share them in comments. 

I wish you and your family excellent celebrations filled with joy, peace and love.

See you next year.

Sandra L


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