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European trip: my top 3

The advantage of living in Paris is to be able to travel in Europe cheap. On this map, you can see the places I have been able to visit. Among these places, if I had to choose 3, it would be: Catania (Sicily), Copenhagen and Rome.  Let me tell you why.

1. Catania (Sicily)

As I told you, in my article, “My London Experience”, I lived with international roommates including Martina and Andrea both from Italy. A huge advantage since these after leaving London invited me to Catania on the occasion of Martina’s birthday.

Of course, I took the opportunity to review my lovely roommates and travel lover as I am, discovering Catania.

I cannot describe the extreme kindness and hospitality of my hosts, their families, and their friends. This stay will forever be engraved in my memory.

Regarding the visits, I have been to Catania center and in some nearby towns like Giarre and Fiumefreddo. Personally, I preferred to visit the cities outside of the city center of Catania. This city is amazing, this contrast sea and mountain is beautiful.

The weather here is very nice and people are very friendly. We eat very well like everywhere in Italy, and the Italians eat in very large quantity. Besides, I ate one of the best pizzas of my life: “Pistachio pizza” in a small restaurant of Giarre called Casale “Abate”. Don’t panic, the taste of pistachio is very subtle. I have searched for this pizza several times, especially when I traveled to Rome but I did not find it. Too bad for my belly. The cons, if you go to Sicily, I advise you to rent a car. The public transport system is not very developed.

 2.  Copenhagen

  • The City of Bicycles:

This town is great. I love the eco-friendly Danish way of life. Most Danes use bicycles. In Copenhagen, the bikes are great. Watch out for pedestrians! Don’t walk on the bike lanes, you might regret it. Lol, I’m talking knowingly. What surprised me was to see bikes left without anti-theft. So you understand that Copenhagen is a safe city.

  • Food

Danish food is good and healthy. They are used to eating the famous “porridge” (porridge based on oats for francophones) and fresh fruit. The second thing that surprised me is that everything is planned for children. For example, in the small restaurant where we were for breakfast, a playground was planned. And this is the case in many places in Copenhagen. In the next picture, you can see my Danish breakfast: eggs, tomatoes, famous porridge and fresh fruit. Not to mention the black Bread: “Rugbrød”. If you like “street food” you can go to Trangravsvej. It’s a nice place. You can find meals from different countries.

  • Visits:

This town is full of places to visit. The next picture is a picture of “Tivoli Park”. Tivoli is the oldest amusement park in the world. Back to insured childhood.

  • The LOUISIANA Museum 

I visited the most beautiful and cute museum for me in Europe: The Museum of LOUISIANA, Museum of Modern Art. This museum is house-shaped. You feel at home. The outside is decorated with a beautiful garden and a beautiful view. You understand I love Copenhagen. Attention: The cost of living in Denmark is high. Plan a big budget if you go to Copenhagen. The restaurants and shops are expensive, you might be surprised, especially if you compare with the Parisian prices.

3. Rome

Rome is the perfect city to understand the historical period of the Roman invasion. The city where the contemporary meets the modern. Rome is an open-air museum. Walking is the best way to explore the city.

  • Palatine-Forum-Coliseum 

To visit places like the Colosseum, Pallatin, and Forum, I advise you to take the audio guide. This will allow you to better understand the story because often it’s a bit hard to project when you see only ruins.

  • Vatican: 

You have to prepare for a long wait. I was in front of the Vatican museums at 9:00 a.m. I was very fortunate because I only waited an hour. (For information: I have not bought a ticket cut file). The visit to this museum is really interesting. The Sistine Chapel is a pure masterpiece. Once the visit to the museum was over, I visited the beautiful Basilica of St. Peter. Caution: Do not wear mini skirts or sexy dresses. It’s forbidden inside the basilica. You must also check that the basilica is open to the public on the day of your visit.

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