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Happy Canada Day!

Hello, Team.

Are you okay? I’m recovering from this very festive weekend. Yes, on July 1, Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary.

What is this date?

July 1, 1867, is the date when Canada’s 4 original provinces: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were assembled to form the new country called the Dominion (or power) of Canada. It was decided from this day on that each province would have its own legislative assembly and exercise its authority over such areas as education and health.

Since 1982, “Dominion Day” is officially known as “Canada Day”.

The festivities in Toronto:
Canada Day was a Saturday, we also had the holiday Monday. I might as well tell you I’ve been enjoying myself. Between interactive shows, entertainment, meals to enjoy, outdoor activities and 4-day music festivals on Nathan Phillips Square. There was one for every taste.
I was surprised by: 
Apart from the many festivities in the city, I was surprised by the patriotism of Canadians. The Canadian flags were posted all over the city, in front of the houses. The Canadians proudly wore their “I AM Canadian” T-shirts.
And you will not believe it at the end of the mass this Sunday, the whole Church assembly sang proudly the national anthem “Oh Canada”.
Anyway, I’ll let you watch the little glimpse of the fireworks at the CN TOWER and I want to still wish a happy Canada day to this country that welcomes us!

Sandra L

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