How to start a beautiful new year

Hello everyone,

It’s 2018 is here. I am taking this opportunity to send you my best wishes, health wishes especially because with the health the rest is in your hands.

How was your year 2017? For my part 2017 was a beautiful year. Not because I have known only joyful moments, far from it, but I chose to look only at the positive in my life.

One of my secrets to always staying positive is “my grateful things box”. I discovered the idea a year ago on the internet and I immediately adopted the concept.

The principle is to start the year with an empty pot and to add a note each day with a good thing that has happened to you (as little as this). In the new year, just empty the pot to see the great year you spent.

Personally, I did not wait for the new year to empty my pot. Believe me after sad days, looking at this box, allowed me to realize how lucky I was and that I had to be thankful for what I had.

You know everything. If you have any other ideas and tips to share, don’t hesitate.

Sandra L


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