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November 11th: Remembrance Day

Hello Friends!

This post is for all those curious people who would like to know why since the beginning of November, Canadians wore reverse poppies on their clothes. It is a commemorative symbol since 1921 in memory of the veterans who served Canada in the First World War. How did I know? By asking a nice lady in the streetcar. Of course, curious as I am, I wanted to know more. So I discovered that the reverse poppies brought to Canada today began to be manufactured in 1921 by disabled veterans.

Why “The poppy of setbacks”, as a symbol of commemoration?

It is because of the famous poem “In Flanders Fields” written by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae in 1915 in remembrance of all those who have consented to the ultimate sacrifice.

In the field of honour the poppies
are dotted with lots in lot
with crosses and in space the Allouettes
become weary mingle their songs
with the hissing of howitzers
we died we who were thinking
the day before our parents,
to Our friends
it is we who rest here
in the field of honour
to you young disillusioned
to you to wear the Oriflamme
and to keep at the bottom
of the soul the taste of living
in freedom accept the challenge,
if not the poppies
will fade to the field of honour!

In addition to the commemorations in the city, a moment of silence will be respected in the country on 11 November at 11 a.m. in short it was the minute story. After all, this is integration: discovering and understanding the culture of the country that welcomes us.

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