Montreal VS Toronto By Flo and Sandra

Hi Everyone,

Let me introduce you Flory, 34 years, from the south of France and living in Montreal for 4 years. We wrote this article together to explain to you each what we love about our respective cities, Montreal for Flo and Me Toronto.

Toronto, by Sandra

My life in Toronto is quite simple I live and enjoy every moment. Here are 10 points why I love Toronto:

1. I like to speak English all day and feel somewhere else in my “little New York”
2. I like to enjoy downtown and come back to my RONCY village, so quiet
3. I like to enjoy the multiculturalism of the city through restaurants of different cultures
4. I also like to taste good French dishes, especially a good tartiflette of Chef Jean Régis du restaurant le Baratin

5. I like my traditional morning latte, especially that of Jimmy Coffee

6. I like to enjoy my long weekends or holidays to explore and discover North America
7. I like to walk in Kensington Market or even run along the lake, the summer of course
8. I love summer in Toronto and especially festivals
9. I like watching NBA games
10. I like to spend my weekends with my friends and family, especially my nephews birthdays

Montreal, by Flo

But before, why Montreal? Why did I cross the Atlantic for this city? The answer is quite simple, for my boyfriend and work. There is a lot more 3D positions here than in Europe (and yes I work in the cinema). So welcome to Montreal! It’s been more than four years now.

By the way, if you have any questions to come and live in Canada, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments;)

Enough of blah blah, here are my 3 places where I fell in love, where I spend a lot of time.

My first one is my favorite, maybe  “Quebec people” will not be happy but the French pastries, nothing to say, they are super-good compared to the one here.

So sometime after I set up here, I started to find a good pastry and guess what, what better than to find a French pastry, with as owner a better worker of France next to my home! The name is: Maison Faure

For 4 years, religiously almost once a week I’m going to get my cake, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know which one I’m talking about, I’m talking about the lemon tart meringue.

As soon as the chef sees me he’s already starting to prepare my pie Lol apart from this pie, there are, chocolate buns, croissants, macaroons and lots of other cakes all as good as the others (I’ve tasted them all, and I’m not lying 😉

My second favorite place is the place where the Crew café is, this place is beautiful, it is an old bank in New York style, very high ceiling, gilding, detailed elevators. You really have to see this place.

The funniest story in all this, I was passing by every day for 2 years and every time I always saw people coming in, going out and then one day I thought I would go in to see. And then I stayed stupid, it was too beautiful!

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And my 3rd place and not least, it’s the old port. I love walking around the river in summer. For four years now that I live in Montreal, and at the old port in addition. I have seen this district evolve at speed Grand V. They installed a Ferris wheel, rebuilt the docks for the boats, almost all the time there are festivals. But my favorite part is the International Fireworks Festival. It lasts 15 days, 6 international teams and grandiose fires (and you can see everything from the Old Port).

How about you? Which city do you prefer? Montreal? Toronto? Don’t hesitate to share your favorite comments with us.

For information, you can find Flo on her blog

Sandra L and Flory

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