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My 6 months in Toronto

Hello the team,

I hope you are doing well. As expected I share my post “6 months in Canada” or actually 7 as I arrived in Toronto on 08/05/17… anyway, we are no longer a month near… no?

1. Administrative procedures

You certainly remember my arrival in Canada, my first administrative steps (bank account, telephone subscription). Everything was relatively simple. Today I have a credit card to build my famous “credit history”. I also have my Ontario health card.

2. My second job search

You may have seen my post: how to find a Job. I had my first Canadian professional experience fairly quickly. However, the search for a position in my field has proved to be more difficult. Indeed, it was after 4 months that I decided to apply to offers in my branch, ie “purchases” or “stock management”. My main difficulty was the lack of time. I had to reconcile my research, my interviews, and my daily work schedules. Which was not at all obvious since I was working 45 hours/week see more. So I had to adopt a strategy:

  •  The Organization: My philosophy is that time is created. 24 hours in a day, you just have to manage your time ( reduce sleep time, apply during break times, etc…)
  •  Volunteering: Unlike my first job search, I’ve done a lot more volunteer work. So I was doing it on the weekends. I’ll let you imagine my weeks. These are great experiences, which allowed me to meet new people and develop my network.
  • LinkedIn: OMG LinkedIn has been my best friend in recent times. I participated in the forum and contacted recruiters.
  • Employability advisers: I discovered an agency called RDE (now renamed SEO) that helps francophones in employability and entrepreneurship in Ontario. They offered many workshops and training (unfortunately I could not attend because of my work schedules). I was followed by an employability consultant who gave me very good advice on writing my CV. She helped me in my research and was an outstanding moral support. You can not imagine how it did me good, especially that I took almost two months to get the job I wanted.

I had moments of doubts, discouragement, tiredness, in short, I could not. Thanks God, I had the support of my entourage. Eventually, it ended up paying off. I now have a supply Chain position (logistics, stock management) in a Canadian company. And I’m totally fulfilled. I tell you this to tell you that with perseverance and determination, we can do it.

3. Social life

I still live with my roommate. I love my roommates. We live like a small family, and I thank the Lord for putting me in “The roommate of Happiness”. I have my hobbies, my gym, my bearings, my balance (travels, basketball games, concert). The holidays are approaching and I miss the Christmas market of France. I cannot complain since you may know I have family here. I’m just looking forward to discovering this Christmas which will certainly be different but just as joyful.

Sandra L


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