My early workout routine, how and why

Hello guys,

I hope you are doing well. I wish you a very good year 2019 and I am sure that among your resolutions, there is the one that is usually taken every year after the holidays:  back to the GYM…To be honest with you, I have been going to the gym for several years. I was used to go there after work around 6:00 p.m two to three times a week. Three months ago, I realized that it was harder and harder for me to go to the gym after work for several reasons:

  • No times
  • Tired
  • Chilling with friends
  • Or just want to be home, warn, after a long day of work, especially with this Canadian Winter, you know

I was missing often my workouts and I have decided to try the “early workout”. It was really challenging for me at first because I am the kind of person who needs 10 000 alarms in order to get up.

The first four weeks were very decisive:

Week 1. Super motivated, I was excited to test my new challenge. The first issue is that I would get tired around 2 pm.

Week 2: The alarms were becoming difficult to wake up to. I would even want to skip some sessions but I would tell myself if I start giving up now, I would never be able to go to the end of the challenge, so I kept going.

Week 3: I was starting to get used to the rhythm. Perhaps the myth of “the power of habit in 21 days” was true after all. At the end of the first month, I found lots of positives:

  • The gym would be empty in the morning
  • I would get to work on time
  • I would have a lot of energy during the day and feel so much more productive
  • And I could enjoy my after work with my friends

Thanks of all these positive points, I decided to go even further in my challenge i.e no more 3 days a week but 5 days a week. I would have several feedbacks of encouragement, concerns, questions.

Are you okay Sandra? Are you training for a competition? I would laugh so much. Yes, I would assure them that I am well and I am not preparing for a competition. I simply found a rhythm that fits me perfectly.

Today, it would be three months that I have this new routine. I am proud of myself because I sticking to it and this despite the fatigue, cold, snow… To you who have decided challenge yourself, I would say two words:

  • Determination: Don’t get discouraged, everyone starts one day
  • Organization: For example, sleep early and prepare your gym bag the day before.

Here, I hope that this will help you keep going on your fitness resolutions.


Sandra L



  1. That is great! I tried it before and it s true that you feel more energized.
    Keep going 😊

    1. Oh thank you Hun. 💪🏽 😊😘

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