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My first summer in Toronto

Hi team,

How are you? I hope you enjoy just like me from the Indian summer and the beautiful temperatures in this month of September. This a little flashback on my first Toronto summer.

Ps: There are so many things to do in this city, that of course, I could not test everything. If you’ve done anything else in Toronto this summer, feel free to share it in comments!

1. Food Festivals

If you are like me and you like to eat, you will have a lot of choice in this city, but careful to your wallet and your money LOL

A. Summerlicious

“Sumerlicious” is a “food festival” which took place from 7 to 23 July 2017. It was an opportunity to enjoy menus at unique prices in participating restaurants, priced at $18, $23 and $28 for lunch, and $28, $38 and $48 for dinner.

Unfortunately, I took it quite late and so I could only enjoy one restaurant: The Toula restaurant for lunch with my friend.

First impression: the decor… Just Woah! Located on the 38th floor at Harbour Square, you can enjoy your meal while enjoying this splendid view…

The food was good… In my case for $23, I had the starter-dish-dessert in a great setting, how to tell you that I was happy and my wallet too.

If you missed “summerlicious”, do not worry, it will return in January 2018 under the name “Winterlicious”.


Ah! The Rib Fest, I was waiting for this festival. These grills are offered by the best rib makers. It was pretty funny because in front of each stand, you could see the trophies each team had won. I understand that these “rib makers” toured the city offering their grill specialties. In any case, it was good… C. Spadina Festival

“Spadina Festival” was a superb discovery. I confess to you that it was not necessarily a food festival only but I focused only on that. I was able to discover a lot of Asian specialties including the grilled squid at the barbecue. So delicious !

2. Other festivals

A. Caribana Festival

You certainly know the carnival of Nothing Hill in London. In Toronto, it’s Caribana. This Caribbean festival takes place from 3 to 7 August 2017 with animations and evenings all over the city. It is mainly marked by the great Saturday Parade with the chariot shows, the great costumes and great the atmosphere.

This parade is free, you can follow it along “Lakeshore Ave” or pay to attend the end of the parade in “exhibition”. Personally, I paid the $20 to enjoy the end of the exhibition parade and the presentation before the judges. However, next year I will settle for the parade along Lakeshore, the atmosphere is just as good. B. CNE: Canada National Exhibition

The famous “Canada National Exhibition” is the city’s fair. It is super big… In terms of games, it’s still nice, nothing very extraordinary… I especially enjoyed everything there was around, that is, the parades, the games, the shows. Little Tip, the CNE’s entrance is at $8 from Monday to Thursday after 17 hours instead of $19 in normal fare.

C. Outdoor Cinema What a pleasure to enjoy an open-air movie. We watched “The Beauty and the Beast”, sitting on the sand of “Sugar Beach”.... Small tip: If you arrive earlier, you will benefit from popcorn, and sparkling water offered…

D. The TIFF: Toronto International Film Festival

The TIFF is a film festival like Cannes. Between movies, virtual reality attractions or the street festival, there were all tastes. Unfortunately, I did not have time to watch the films, I especially took advantage of the street festival seeing some stars including Stephen Curry, the famous basketball player of Golden states!

PS: I recently learned that there was the Caribbean Film Festival in Toronto, the opportunity also to support Caribbean films.

3. Parks and nature

A. Scarborough Bluff

I’ll say it over and over again, it’s one of my favorite places in Toronto. I like to stroll around Scarborough Bluff, walk along the cliffs and enjoy this beauty of nature.

B. Toronto Island

Summer without Toronto Island is not summer. I was afraid that the island would not open this summer because of the floods. Finally, more fear than evil… Let’s get aboard the ferry, and I’ll make you relive my day in Toronto Island via my little Vlog video. Thank you to our friend Jan, who lives on the island who made us spend a great day.

Sandra L


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