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My London Experience

Hello my team,

Today I am writing an article about my experience in England. You are certainly wondering why I was in London. Let me explain to you. After my graduation, I quickly faced the reality of the job market in France and realized the handicap of not being bilingual. So I decided to go to the source of English direction London. Several people asked me how were my first days, and especially how was this experience. I will explain all this in this article.

My first days in London

I started as an “au pair” but I didn’t have a great experience. To be honest, I left my host family in 2 weeks. It was out of the question that I returned to France on a failure. So I looked for other solutions. I slept in the hotel during the first few days, so the initial step was to find accommodation in this city that I did not know with a language that I did not understand very well.

My great friend was internet;). So I found my roommate on the French Facebook group in London. I realized later that he had other sites like “Gumtree”.

Little tip: If you are looking for an apartment in London feel free to watch this site “Gumtree” also. Watch out for scams like everywhere, always visit the apartments before paying anything. In two days, I found my room in colocation happiness.

I had to pay the first month’s rent, the bail, and the agency fee. If you want to have an idea, I paid:

£650 of 1st month’s rent (for a double room in colocation, charges included)
£325 of deposit (equivalent to two weeks rent)
£80 of agency fees
———————————————— —————————————————–
£1055 Total

Oh Yes I see you screaming at the price. I confirm London is expensive. I saw my savings melting in sight, I had to find work and quickly…..

The mandatory to find a job in London:

To find a job in England you have to:

  • A National Insurance number (NIN in English) to be declared. To get this number, you must call the job center, make an appointment. As a result of this appointment, you will be given a temporary number with which you can work, the final is in the mail.
  • A bank account to get paid.

The three tools that helped me in my job searches:

  • Internet (especially indiaed)
  • Door to door: yes I was door to door with my CV. I was going to the nerve.
  • Networking: You have to create your network. As soon as I met people, I asked them for tips and tricks. Moreover it is thanks to my former roommate, that I got my job in a pastry for sale.

How did I learn English?

You may not believe me but I did not take any English courses. I learned English:

  • First thanks to my roommates: the benefit of sharing is not to feel alone and learn English. I was very fortunate because my roommates were adorable. We lived like a family. They helped me a lot to improve my English
  • Then I created a totally English environment: I forced myself to watch TV in English, to have English friends. By the way, the English boyfriend is a little bit more. Laughing out loud
  • Finally my job. My work has helped me immensely nothing better than to be in contact with customers to learn English and get used to different accents.

London VS Paris


  • Life moves, I discovered the shops open 24 hours a day.
  • People are very courteous. For example, in the stores, you hear, “Hi Honey,” “Take care.” They tell you all the time “sorry”, “sorry” even when it’s not their faults. Laughing out loud
  • Whatever work you do if you work well, your work is appreciated and recognized.
  • There are fewer administrative charges to find work or housing.
  • This town is great for the shoopping: the famous Oxfrod Street was my second home.
  • You feel free to do what you want no one to look at you or judge you.


  •  I worked a lot with weeks that could go to 45 hours/weeks, and days of 12 hours of work sometimes.
  • I had only 30 minutes of breaks: Yes, you heard, I only had 30 minutes of lunch break.
  • I worked on public holidays
  • The cost of living (apartment rental and transportation) is high

What I will never forget:

  • My 26th Birthday: Yes I lived my birthday in London. My friends made me a great surprise. When people you’ve known for just two months take the time to organize a surprise, I was very moved.
  • I met some great friends and all the origins
  • I was there in the “Brexit”: Yes on June 24, 2016, the day when England came out of the European Union. Historical fact that I will never forget.

Conclusion: How did London change me?

1. I learned to work from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays, up to 45 hours a week. 2. I learned to get out of my comfort zone, and live without my family, my friends
3. I’ve improved my English
4. I have gained confidence in myself and now I know what I want and I know mostly what I do not want
5. I have a thirst for discovering new countries. That’s why I’m not afraid to go to Canada

Sandra L


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