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My Work Permit activation

Hello team,

Yeah, I came to Canada. It was my dream, you know. Despite everything, I was a little bit sad at the airport saying goodbye to my family and friends. As my mother says: “Even the most desired departures have their melancholy”.

I arrived at the airport with my two suitcases of 23kg, one offered by Air Transat and Despite everything, I had to leave a lot of business in Paris including my many shoes.

Small precision: I did not need the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) because I had a letter of introduction. This ETA is mandatory for any foreign visa exempt person wishing to travel to Canada since November 10, 2016. More information on the ETA on the website CIC.CA.

12:45: Time of departure, I look through the window my beautiful France and imagine this new life that awaits me.

2.30 pm: local time, we land at Montreal Trudeau Airport. No, be reassured, the flight was not 2 hours but exactly 8 hours 15 min. (Let’s not forget the 6h time difference between Canada and France).

Why did I land in Montreal? It was just a stopover my final destination was Toronto. I get off the plane and the hostess announces that I have to pick up all my suitcases and pass the customs in Montreal to activate my work permit. I thought I’d take advantage of this stopover to rest, well no.

Tip: In Canada, the transition to Customs is in the first Canadian place to land. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a stopover or not. So I’m going to the immigration office. I knew my papers were correct, but I couldn’t tell you why I was so stressed out. I go ahead and I present My Documents:

  • My passport
  • My Introductory letter
  • The certificate of funds of less than seven days from my bank
  • The certificate of insurance for the duration of my work permit (24 months) in the end, I was asked only the passport, the letter of invitation and the certificate of insurance. Attention! Each agent is different, so plan all the papers.

My work permit is activated without problem and stapled in my passport, the relief! My dream becomes reality.

Sandra L


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