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Niagara Falls in one day

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well. I’m sorry it’s been a little while, time is passing at a speed it’s crazy… I am going to share with you one of my childhood dreams, which became reality today: going to Niagara Falls.

Don’t ask me why but since I was a little girl I thought I’d go to Niagara Falls. These falls that are not the highest in the world but, however, the largest in terms of area are definitely worth a visit.

How to get there?

To see the falls on Canada’s side, Toronto is the nearest city. You can go by car (1h40 to 2 hours depending on the traffic), by train or by bus with for example the Greyhound company.

If you have just one day to visit Niagara and especially you do not want to pay a hotel room at an exorbitant price especially in the summer season, here is an example of a day at Niagara

Falls: 9:00:

Departure So we went by car, I was rather afraid of the monster traffic jams since we went on a Saturday in the middle of July, finally it was. In two hours, we were in Niagara.

11:00 am: Arrival in Niagara

Yes, you will laugh, we ended up in a beautiful village in Niagara. How to tell you that it was not at all the desired destination. We really wanted to see these falls. It was a beautiful discovery, a beautiful peaceful and quiet area away from the commercial euphoria of Niagara Falls. 12:00: Arrival at the falls happiness when I see the famous Niagara Falls. Opposite, it is the American falls and on the right the Canadian falls (called “Horseshoe”).

14:30: “Niagara Cruises”

I’ll give you the details of my excitement in front of the falls, the moments of photos, of delirium with my girlfriends. Direction the Boat….. The boat is the attraction not to be missed in Niagara, if you are not afraid to get wet….. The queue can be very long, I advise you to buy your tickets in advance. For $29 Ca, you will feel and live more closely the power of the falls…..

“4:00 p.m.: Strolling through the city after taking a good shower, we strolled through the city taking advantage of the commercial euphoria associated with Niagara Falls (restaurants, casinos, botanical gardens, and games…).

I have not tested the famous haunted house of Niagara (Nightmare Fear Factory), I’m not too fan, to tell the truth… In any case, I had a lot of fun and especially I believed myself on vacation in the space of a day. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go to Maryland to see the Dolphins or the Butterfly Museum… Next time maybe….

21:00: Sunset at the Skylon Tower to finish, we took advantage of the sunset on the Skylon tower. Unfortunately, there were no fireworks this day, it’s only on Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Sunday. We all just took advantage of the illuminated falls.

Sandra L


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