The Fall colors in Canada.

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In the meantime, today we will talk about the beautiful fall colors in Canada. 
Autumn is one of the best season for you to visit, especially if you love nature, hiking, or camping.

  1. Why is this color phenomenon accentuated in North America? 

First, it should be noted that this change in color is due according to scientists to a lack of light. We know after the summer the days are shorter. Because they get less sunlight, plants produce less chlorophyll which is the substance that gives them a green hue, hence why they change color. 
However, the amount of chlorophyll therefore depends on the plant species. So we will find leaves like those of maple that will turn red because they are richer in pigment.

The fabulous colours of Dundas Peak in Autumn

2. From what date can we see these colors?

Generally, the color change starts from mid-to-late September. Then the colors are at their peak towards Canadian Thanksgiving before gradually disappearing. 
There are even interactive sites that allow you to track the progress of colors.

3. Postcard colors just an hour from Toronto

Let me share with you this great spot just an hour from Toronto to admire these beautiful colors.
This is the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area in Hamilton. 

Tew Falls

What you need to know:

  • The number of people is limited because of the Covid 19, it is now necessary to book online on this site to visit the park between September 19 and November 15.



  • This park is also accessible by bus on this site but this route is temporarily closed because of the covid. 

As you know, the current Covid 19 situation leads to a lot of restrictions that change quite quickly, so I advise you to check on the official website before you go. 



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