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The Ontario’s health Card

Hello the team,

I hope you are doing well. The temperatures gradually fall, you have to cover yourself to not catch cold. It takes me to talk about the topic of the day: health. I was surprised to learn that as temporary residents with a work permit, we also had the right to apply for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP Ontario) As long as we worked full time for more than 3 months.

Glad I went to the 777 Bay Street Ontario Service with the following documents:
-my passport and my PVT
-my bank account statement as proof of address
-my employer letter as proof of full time job (I knew I could Fill out the registration form).

After more than 30 minutes of waiting,  the lady of the reception sent me home because my proof of employment (the certificate of employer) did not meet the standards of the Ontario Service. You will find the official Ontario Service document below. This will save you from unnecessary round trips.

To recap: proof of full-time employment have to be

  • An original letter
  • On letterhead, signed and dated by the employer
  • Indicating that the employee is working full-time
  • The title or function of the position
  • That the employee will work for the business in Ontario
  • The start date of the job
  • That the employer intends to keep the employee in office for at least six (6) months.

So I went away, this time with the right documents:

    1. The Ontario Health Insurance insicription form properly completed (available on the Ontario Service website here or also on-site)
    2. Proof of identity and work permit
    3. Proof of Address
    4. Proof of full-time employment: (Meeting the requirements of course)

NB: You do not need a photo (a photo will be taken on the spot).

Three weeks later, I was getting my card.

What is this card for?

The Health Insurance Card (OHIP Ontario) covers the majority of medically necessary care. For example, dental care or ophthalmologics are excluded because they are not considered medically necessary. For more details, visit

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