Time to eat – Cluny Bistro

Hello, Team.

I hope you are doing well and above all that you are hungry. Yes, we’re going to talk about food today. If you know me, now that I am completely a fan of brunch. Last Sunday I was with friends for a birthday in a restaurant in the center of town. I will not lie to you when I received the text: “Sandra appointment at Cluny Bistro”.

At the time, I thought, “It’s a joke! I just left France and they take me to a French restaurant. ” Anyway, so I went. Arrival on the spot, first impression when seeing the area: wow…

“Distillery District” is a superb area with restaurants, shops and beautiful pedestrian streets adorned with red bricks that have also made me think of my pink city: Toulouse.

First impression when I saw the restaurant, warm and friendly setting.

A large central table where I saw champagne and good fresh bread. Ahh! What I missed it! Let’s eat. There are a lot of choices on the map and I will let you directly look on their website.

I opted for the: “Grilled MUSHROOM BENEDICT (VG): 3 poached eggs, portobello mushroom, Dutch, french fries”. Superb poached eggs, with Portobello mushrooms and french fries. Accompanied by a good coffee, pastries, and patisseries.

It was really great and we had a great time. The team is great. I recommend it and especially think about booking.


The Distillery District

35 Tank House Lane Toronto, ON

Sandra L


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