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Toronto, 1 year already!

Hello friends,

That’s it, I’ve been in Canada for exactly a year, I can’t believe it. I feel like it was yesterday. On May 8, 2017, I was flying from Paris for a totally unknown adventure.

A year later I have no regrets and I am so glad I started. It’s a great experience. I love my life in Toronto, I met great people, without whom, my Canadian experience would not have been the same. I’m so grateful.

At the professional level, I am still in the same job (see my 6 months in Toronto post) and I still live in my happiness house with my lovely roommates.

As soon as, I have the opportunity, I allow myself some pleasures like going to see basketball games or even traveling. Besides, I told you about my trip to Chicago that I had especially loved.

I cannot forget, my great comeback to France for my friend’s wedding two weeks ago.

This trip came at a great time, I needed to cut with the Canadian winter that was relatively long. I was able to enjoy the nice weather, in France up to 27 degrees. Can you imagine my joy as I had left the 5 degrees in Toronto. LOL

Living away from friends and family allows you to enjoy every little moment when you find them. I came home totally replenished in Canada.

I will not hide that I was quite happy to return to Toronto. It’s weird, but it comforts me in my choice and I especially realized that I loved this city. It’s beautiful to have several places where you feel at home.

Anyway, I wish myself a happy 1st birthday in Canada (eh yes everything is a party opportunity).

I also take this opportunity to thank you, readers,, who follow and support me from the beginning. Thank you for your messages.

And to all, those who hesitate and ask a thousand and one questions, start, do not leave room for regret.

Sandra L

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