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Toronto trip – My to do list

Hello the team,

I am in full preparation for my trip to Canada. For the record, this is not the first time I’m visiting this country. I was there already, in 2012. So I leave so reassured because it is not totally the unknown to me.

What had marked me this summer was the extreme heat in this August in Montreal. So I chose the date of my departure strategically: on 08 May, not to arrive in the hard winter directly or even the extreme heat of summer.

Why Toronto?

As I have seen, I lived six months in London to improve my English. My goal is to become totally bilingual and I want to give myself the means to get there.

My first advice:

The decision to move must be a personal and motivated decision if not the first obstacle you will be depressed.

My checklist before the big start:

1. Make a health check: Yes, I took advantage of my French mutual to do my health check (eye care, dental…)
2. Print the voucher for the 25 kg offered by Air Transat. The right plan: a partnership exists between the site “” and the companion “Air Transat”. All information is available on this website:
3. Remake my CV in Canadian English format of course (since I’m going to Toronto)
4. Cancel current Subscriptions
5. Check the documents for the border officer:

  • Attestation of Funds: C $2500
  • Passport
  • Insurance certificate that covers the entire duration of my work permit
  • Introductory Letter: For information, I’m leaving with a work holiday permit. All the informations are available on these two sites: Site dedicated to “Pvtistes”: Https:// official site of Canadian immigration:

6. Change my driver’s license: processing times depend on your prefecture. In my case, I got my driver’s license the same day, giving my plane ticket proof of my imminent departure.

Sandra L


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