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Visit Chicago in 3 days

Hello the team,

I hope you are doing well. I’m fine. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you must have seen that I was in Chicago for the long weekend of Thanksgiving. And yes we only have two weeks of vacation in Canada, so I don’t miss holidays to schedule my weekend abroad. (I don’t think I’m the only one lol). How was my trip in Chicago?

Saturday, October 7: Departure from Toronto for Chicago 

6:45, our plane was taking off for Chicago.  Yes, I know, the flight was relatively early, but I wanted to fully enjoy my stay. The flight was short, at 7:30 am (local time). I was in Chicago (8:30 am Toronto time).

The first day was quiet: the reunion with my childhood friends. The weather was bad, abundant rain forced us to stay inside. So we went to the Three Arts Club Of Chicago.  This charming restaurant is located in a furniture store. This store looks like a house with different rooms where you can find several pieces of furniture for sale. There is also an indoor coffee shop where you can order pastries and coffee, And especially a nice restaurant overlooking an inner courtyard.  We had a feast. Later, I learned that this weekend was marked by the Columbus Day. This is the first Monday in October and the “Holiday” day corresponding to the day when Christopher Columbus discovered America. Anyway, they decided to make this weekend, a weekend of sales in the country.

I did some shopping with great business at Water Tower Place, Downtown Mall.

Sunday 08 October: Walk in the LOOP

The sun finally came. We started the day with a brunch at “Cheesecake Factory”. Then we visited the city center.

The architecture makes it possible to discover the historical richness of the city. For the record, Chicago was devastated by a fire that destroyed the city in 1871.

It was as a result of this event that the city rebuilt itself and developed better from an economic point of view. It’s beautiful to see how contemporary and Ancient buildings have resisted the fire. The city’s visit continues at Millenium Park to see the famous “Bean” (bean because of its shape). Then we had the popcorn from “Garrett”, since the time I heard about it. I confirm it was worth the wait. I took a “CHICAGO mix”, this is a mix of popcorn flavors cheese and caramel, Hum! Finally, we took advantage of the sunset at Navy Pier on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Monday 09 October: Last Day

No it’s already the last day. We decided to visit the Willis Tower. I was looking forward to visiting the second tallest building in the Americas and the Western Hemisphere. After more than 2 hours of waiting, we were able to take the elevator for 60 seconds, direction Skydeck on the 103rd floor. The view of the city is breathtaking. Once down to Earth, we tasted a Deep Dish Pizza from “Giordano’s”. Get ready, wait, because you have to plan minimum 40 minutes for Pizza cooking. It feels like eating a huge quiche. What was fat, heavy but so good. I could not eat more than two parts;)

Last ride in the city. I look at the subway in the open air and realize that the time has come to leave. Bye, Chicago! A big thank you to Oren, Mariam, PA, Marco and Yann who have allowed this weekend to be unforgettable.

Tuesday, October 10: Return to Toronto 

10 hours of bus later, arriving in Toronto. It was 8:00 in the morning, time to go home, get ready and go to work;)

I love Chicago! The only regret was too short;)

Sandra L


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